Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New to the US

There are many things that baffle a non-American when arriving here. Like all the adult people carrying beverages AT ALL TIMES, the affinity for baseball caps, the size of your food servings and the prevalent notion that fries go with everything.

But the number one question remains:
Why is there SO MUCH water in your toilet bowls?


  1. As a 33 year veteran of Americanism, let me shed some light for you :) We must carry drinks with us everywhere to help flush our systems of the ridiculously large serving sizes of French fries. Also the reason for so much water in the toilet! Hats... we're kinda lazy sometimes :) I couldn't agree more with you on your observations! We put a plastic wrapped brick in our toilet to use less water. Welcome to the States!

  2. Min toa svämmade över en gång och det var fruktasnvärt, det tog aldrig slut! Liter på liter svämmade över kanten, rakt under badrumströskeln, ut i hallen och och sedan i vardagrummet. Kris är ett understatement och jag fick skura golvet i princip hela lägenheten.

  3. Maybe there's a lot of water to wash down the, em, extra large food portions! LOL. Actually, there are more and more toilets using the European system of two handles...it's a good idea! Don't know about the drinks...it didn't used to be that way!


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