Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unfortunate fact

In Sweden, the term for "married" coincides with the word for "poison".


  1. my aunt's favorite swenglish fact.

  2. how does she feel about our treatment of neighboring countries' women?

    The word "finskor" could mean either Finnish women or fancy shoes.

    The word dansskor (dancing shoes) is just one s away from danskor - Danish women.

    however, Norwegian women (norskor)are not confused with any kind of footwear. Perhaps we pretend to not talk about them since they chose to leave the Swedish-Norwegian union back in 1905.

  3. i will have to inquire! will report back soon. i think in my family norwegian women are regarded as insanely fit people who run up and down mountains, but i do not know how this represents itself linguisitically.

  4. that's how most of us see them. we call them hurtbullar which roughly translates to "brisk-buns".

    it's the same hurt as in hurtigrutten. Hurtig in Norwegian means speedy, while in Swedish it's more a kind of cali-style granola-eating/hiking behavior. I guess you already know what the English-speaking world charges the poor hurt-word with.

  5. Here's another one:

    The word in Spanish for wife (esposa) is the same as for handcuffs.


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