Saturday, September 27, 2014

Swedish traditions

Largely secular and sadly devoid of traditions, Swedes celebrate easter, Valpurgis, Midsummer, All saints eve, Saint Lucias day and Christmas. That's pretty much it.

But know what tradition we have that you might not have in your country?
We have the proud tradition of dropping your pacifiers off at the kittens at zoo once you quit using pacifiers.
It's just done.

I'll go to Skansen when I visit Sweden week after next. I'll show you proof. It's a fine tradition, we're proud of it. Not sure what the kitten think?

But what's your tradition when it comes to such an important rite of passage as quitting the pacis?


  1. I wish we had known this when dealing with the end of pacis. At our house, we left them for the "paci fairy" - yeesh. I'm going to Stockholm in a few weeks and will investigate this claim at Skansen :)

  2. Om man bor i Solna kan man också lämna nappar hos Shetlandsponnyn Jerker som bor på Överjärva gård. En viss snart treåring i mitt hushåll fick välja på att lämna nappar till katterna på Skansis eller till Jerker. Han valde Jerker. Vi får se hur det går...


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