Friday, January 16, 2015


Yesterday in Central Park, I saw a very large bird hunched over his/her prey: a squirrel.
It seemed fascinating to me, to see such a big bird up close.
I stopped a few Italian tourists to share this unusual sight.

Disgusted and shocked at my suggestion that anyone would find such a scene interesting, they took off from me in a hurry.

So much for sharing.


  1. Their loss! I wish I'd seen this. I'm fascinated by predatory birds.

  2. I think you might really like Helen Macdonald's book H is for Hawk, which comes out soon in the US. Good for lovers of strange wildness, and medieval silhouettes, and beautiful writing.

  3. Replies
    1. that's what my ex (skateboarder/standup comedian/ornitologist said too!)

  4. You should read this great book about birds in Central Park.
    Love your blog! Alison in Minneapolis


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