Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Resolutions, revisited

Back in january of 2014, I made a few resolutions. 

So how did I do ?

In 2014 I resolved to:

Get my first book published. YES! THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Sort out my taxes. Kinda.
Learn how to salsa. Lo siento, didn't happen.

Visit a medieval castle I've been needing to visit for years. Not really. Though did go to medieval festival and saw my 7-year old beat a knight in a sword fight. Also went to Medieval Times.
Master my new camera. MASTER IT. Get down with f-stops and apertures and bracketing and everything else. No. But love the camera. 
Salsa with the camera in a medieval castle then write a book about it. The taxes will just have to sort themselves out meanwhile. This dream still has to be realized.