Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Credit card analysis

The patient, Ms Guner, seems to act on the notion that she is a 
woman of style who builds a well thought-out closet, containing a few beautiful key pieces. 

However, as we can tell from this credit card statement, 
in reality Guner returns each item that might have made a difference.  
The only exception  - the purchases made at Urban Market, were perishables that could not be returned (or worn). 

As we checked in with Guner, she was wearing an oversized sweater she had grabbed from her husband, her one pair of comfy jeans and her Blundstones as she was going for yet another long walk this afternoon.

Some women are glamorous, some are not, but we at credit card analysis inc. believe that the majority of women are the non-glamorous day-dreaming of being glamorous. They do not in the end spend the money to be glamorous, however with all their buying and returning, they do spend plenty of time supporting their fantasies.