Saturday, November 7, 2015

Returned dress

Had to return dress because it was too big and too expensive.
Will put money on hair and maybe nails and wear my own old stuff. The upside of being boring is I can still wear my old clothes since it's mostly black and kind of timeless (=style coward).

Also just returned A WHITE CASHMERE cardi. It amazingly had stains on it before it even left the shopping bag. Not kidding and not sure how it happened. It was a dirt magnet. I don't need more of that - I have kids and a clumsy nature.

I apparently act on my daydreams of living a glam life.

The clothes I do wear are Uniqlo. Sensible, comfy, affordable, washable.

On that note I recommend Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo.

Bought a vest, a coat and a sweater and use all of them (for instance wore vest and suit when I was a representative from the Department of Education for Halloween and went around scaring NYC parents that their kids didn't get into any middle schools.).