Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear, beloved, treasured Fiorentini and Baker

Dear, beloved, treasured Fiorentini and Baker, you have made me such a very happy woman.
I have written so much about the trials of my feet, but now, for the first time in AGES I have great news to share with those of you who share my strange fate, that of human beings born with duck feet.

The answer to our prayers is Fiorentini + Baker, Italian boots with style AND room for inserts.
Sure they're expensive, but cheaper than surgery and do not require sick leave.
Spread the word.

I'm saving up to visit their store in Bologna.
Join me if you can.

-a happy end consumer


  1. I am really happy because you are writing again. Congratulations for your baby!
    Claudia, from Brazil

  2. emi--

    i cannot tell you how much i love my fiorentini and baker boots. i bought them last fall (2006) and they have not come off my feet since then. my only regret? i did not buy TWO pairs. and my mother, who just had her hammer toes removed AND has bunions worse than yours, has a pair in brown suede--the only shoes she can wear. you will be so so happy, i guarantee.

  3. p.s. my mother and i will be happy to join you in a pilgrimage to bologna.

  4. YES!
    Come with me!
    I'll bring my mom too!
    How does April sound?

  5. That is good news indeed :)

    I hope you get a pair soon.

  6. sounds good to me. my mother asks, "is she going for shoes?" do we go with or without children? as far as i am aware, they do not yet make small sizes.

  7. Okay! I'm back in the loop, I get the Bologna references.
    I bought boots online this season, made to measure round the calf ( I love them, but then I am ignorant of Fiorentini and Baker.
    Surely without children?

  8. Sorry, of course you bring yours. I'm not bringing mine though.

  9. they are so comfortable and beautiful. keep on the lookout for seasonal sales. i always see them marked down on various webstores.

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