Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Campari

Dear Campari I like this picture. I like Salma in this dress in the bathroom. I like it that you're honest about Campari sometimes tasting a bit like aftershave. But why is Salma looking so...concerned? Is she showing her chakra spots to the man in the mirror?

I don't understand this picture but like I said, I like it.
can't take my eyes of Salma and her boobs.


  1. That picture makes me wonder: how the hell are her boobs so perky? have they had help? or was she just made that way?

  2. They are professionally assisted. I don't know if that is surgically, adhesively, or digitally. But I have to think, as a woman with breasts about her age that have also fed babies, that those are assisted.

    I have to believe that. I don't want to live in a world where the alternative is possible. It is just too sad for the state of my own boobs otherwise.

  3. I agree with Alpha. That's totally photoshopped. I mean, you can't even *see* the winch and the sky-hook.

  4. oh, you all can look like salma only if you take your arms up. I guess thats her explanation. like nicole kidman- she only take slices of potatos and laid it under her eyes and VOILA! she look much younger!
    Thats real sisterhood! Thank you gals!


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