Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear George Clooney - when was our window?

I've always considered Clooney to be too old for me. Then, I suddenly realized that I'm now too old for Clooney. When did that happen? Perhaps there was a day when I woke up and was too young, then by the time I went to bed I was too old.

I tried to make different charts to explore when exactly that point was. My highly intelligent friend Bea said these were the weirdest charts she's ever seen. She also told me she'll make a new, better one. So look out for an update.


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  2. frankly, i think i was always too old for him. it's sad, isn't it?

  3. Dear Emi:

    Re: You're being too old for George Clooney--I think George would disagree. Big time.

  4. I fear George is in fear of becoming the next Harrison Ford.

  5. This was really funny. I laughed and laughed. Was looking for a blog on Valley Village/Studio City but ended up here. Random. But I loved your chart. Loved it.

  6. Funnier yet: Your chart is pointing to Clooney's "Roseanne" years?


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