Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Inside my bag

Dear Inside my bag, you ask women to show the contents of their bags. They're all neat and organized. The top pic is from a Swedish mom. Not my bag! The below pic is an authentic display of my bag content. I'm ready for anything! I don't know why I have a cd in there, or a soap pump? Or so many vitamins? But look, I'm classy, there's a Chanel nail polish in there! Not that I use it. Also, see the Christmas card my daughter made? Bobby pins? Extra cell phone battery for a phone I don't currently use?


  1. emi - you are not alone!

    och du vet vad man säger: a neat desk is sign of sick mind.

    vänliga hälsningar 22 läpprodukter i samma väska.

  2. I always have the opposite problem. My bag is organized and I wish that was messy.

  3. härligt att se någon i samma klass!

  4. Currently in my bag: dummy for my 14 month old daughter, a spoon so I can feed her, my purse, keys, 2 cellphones, lip balm, a bill I have to pay, a toothbrush, tampons, pressed powder, USB stick and roughly 12 used tissues (yuck.).


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