Thursday, November 24, 2011


I've been lazy. from now on, until I get lazy again, every comment will be commented. Hit me!


  1. Hi Emi,

    Greetings from sunny Fiji. I love your posts about art and kids and running and books. They're like a little breath of fresh air in a Google Reader feed otherwise filled with blogs about climate change, development aid, information technology for development and other worthy but often dry topics!


  2. Hey, why is no one pummeling you with comments that are really hard to answer to?? Bet you didn't expect to get away this easily ;)
    Thanks for writing what you write - and that latest ballet tragedy video is too adorable (as well as useful for the animations we do here at school, it's a perfect children's movements study!)
    Greetings from (god, I wish I could say "sunny Fiji" too)
    grey and chilled-to-the-bone Luzern in Switzerland ~ 


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