Thursday, November 10, 2011

My life right now

Because one person asked me to update my blog, I will! I got so happy and excited that I could feel small showers of ecstatic sweat shoot from my armpits through the air to finally land on the inside of my expensive and exquisite Burgundy colored cashmere sweater (Excited, ecstatic, expensive and exquisite. This sentence reads like an e-themed spelling bee contest.)

So here is the update: This year continues to be one of the worst I've ever heard of. I'm not writing why here, too personal, and grief is something I take outside of blogging. You don't need to pity me or worry, let us just conclude one more time: life is largely unfair and horrible but luckily also amazing and wonderful. Hang on to the love. love love love. it's the only thing!
Am starting to suspect the stars and planets are in disorder, too much bad stuff happening at the same time. Went to a psychic last year who predicted lots of bad stuff would happen this year. To make it worse, the psychic looked like I WILL IN THE FUTURE. How am I supposed to interpret THAT?

Tomorrow, good things: Will travel to Paris to CELEBRATE (always want to follow up "celebrate" with "my sexuality" do you too? but as you will read on you will discover that nothing could be less sex-focused than this trip) my daughter turning 10 and me coincidentally completing my first decade as a mom. Best ten years of my life because of her and the two others. And Anders yes and family and friends but the love for the kids - it is different! can't explain it.

Then Anders is off to Lebanon to run the Beirut Marathon.

What else? Yesterday a man I'd never met yelled at me, furiously, because I had PRESSED THE BUTTON TO CROSS THE HIGHWAY!!! How could I? He gave me a piece of his mind: "To do what you just did is a FUCKING NUISANCE." I was dumbstruck. Thinking a life filled with anger was an even worse fate than receiving whatever fitting retort I would come up with.

Personally, I was also upset yesterday. Upset by ART! And by Architecture! My sensitive artistic soul was hurt by the UGLINESS of Bofills Båge. And the art my taxes have paid to decorate the place.

There are two enormous plates. One of them holds humongous grapes. The other plate is broken, and in two places, there are heaps of what at first appears to be chicken legs. But then, the thought dawns on you that the grapes from the other sculpture are now gone, the plate is broken and this might be grape seeds! How much did this "art" cost us? It does absolutely nothing but infuriate me. It is ugly and the concept is banal.

Have now read up. Not grape seeds at all. What looks like grape seeds are little flasks supposed to collect "The tears of Aphrodite". I was wrong as I so often am. But I'm still angry! Still think Bofill's Båge is the ugliest, most unfriendly place I've ever visited, with Brussels after midnight a close second.

Had to go home and watch Glee with my children to get back to normal.