Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Now is when you decide

If you're going to keep up working out even in cold weather.
I went for a run this morning. Did not regret it.

This is my only working advice for making it when it comes to winter workouts: Give yourself the liberty/permission to complain, sulk, bitch, moan, curse or even switch to walking once you've run a kilometer. Miraculously, I've never had to. Once the gear is on and that first kilometer is completed, you just keep going. You never regret a completed workout. Feel free to slap me for being this...way.

Below - a regular morning post the first km, once I've seen the light.

ps. why do cardio at all? Because it works.


  1. Nike+ har kastat ut mig ur systemet, kommer inte in längre trots 4 mail till admin. Men jag springer fortfarande, Emi. Längre än någonsin, det syns bara inte. /Maja P

  2. fan vad jobbigt! men fortsätt tjata! det kommer lösa sig!

  3. en månad kvar, en månad kvar!

  4. It is hard to face and the cold and sometimes the darkness of the winter. It takes special courage and stamina to go out. Afterwards, you're right, you might be rewarded.
    How do you deal with darkness in Sweden? It's so difficult here at 45 degrees, where it's dark at 5 o'clock. Maybe you'll do a post about it!


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