Friday, June 8, 2012

Another day at my house

Niki wants to make smoothies. Anders says he'll make them with her. They settle for blueberry smoothies and use what's around the house. It's two days post Stockholm marathon. Anders adds protein powder to the mix.

Me: Should she really have that? (imagining a Belgian Blue version of my child)

Anders: Yes, why not? It's just protein.

Me: Yeah, but she's 4?

Anders: It's just rice and stuff. Why are you so prejudiced against protein powder?

Me: More curious like. (not true. Prejudiced/skeptical=true)

Anders: Right. (starting to mock me about all kinds of prejudiced stuff I can't even write, adding "I'm just curious" after each example.)

Me: Whatever.

Moments later the smoothie is all ready to be enjoyed. Niki drinks it with pleasure.

Me: Niki, how was it?

Niki: So good. And childproof.