Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Childhood favorite

I love Tomi Ungerer. Love love love. When I daydream about accepting awards (unclear for what), I always include Tomi in my pompous acceptance speech. "Thank you Tomi" I say and pause while dabbing tears from my eyes before adding "for making my childhood richer and greater!

Thank you for peopling your books with individuals with prosthetic limbs, scared men, fainting gentlemen, a man with a gold watch cutting through his bald head and a screaming woman with a fountain pen stuck to her nose. I love you Tomi, you are the bestest (grammatically incorrect, but the audience thinks it's ok since I'm a foreigner and my saying "bestest" makes them feel superior).


  1. If you're EVER in Strasbourg, visit the Tomi Ungerer museum. Not only a very nice part where his drawings are juxtaposed with older european artists (18hundreds and earlier), but a "basement exhibition" with his erotic drawings. (I was half intrigued, half weirded out by finding a childhood hero (Santa Clause?) with dark fantasies)
    Also great:

  2. I love Crictor and have many times contemplated a trip to Strasbourg with the sole intention of visiting that museum!

    Have you read "No kiss for mother"? It's far from what you'd think a children's book would be like, but I was a child and I loved it. Loved it.

    One of the things I really appreciate about Ungerer is how he's never cute.

  3. Very true! In fact, that book "No kiss for mother" was banned in many countries upon release, because parents were scared (and enfuriated!) that it could encourage their children to rebel too (or maybe because it didn't shed a more-holy-than-thou-light on parents and relatives...)
    Buuut I think crictor is pretty cute ;) maybe his cutest one!
    Strasbourg is worth a visit for that intent, but also for being an amazingly beautiful city with an incredible history (as we found out upon our wanderings!) Center of humanitarian thinking in Europe, anybody? If you like Erasmus, you'll like Strasbourg.


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