Thursday, May 9, 2013

Did you have a hamster growing up?

If so, what did you and/or your hamster enjoy most about hamster life?


  1. we currently have a hamster--charcoal. she's a delight and i love how she adores strawberries.

  2. Ah, the great escapes are the best. So many adventure tales, scrabbling under the floorboards, sneaking food from the larder. (The hamster, not me. I am staking her out, sleepless, barely blinking, trying to trap her with flour and peanut butter. The hamster seems, somewhat alarmingly, to be rather more clever than that. But I win in the end.)

  3. He enjoyed chewing through my ice skates' laces, which I usually only noticed at the rink, and had to go back home.

    I don't remember enjoying him that much, to be honest, hamsters just kind of are there.


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