Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My left foot - laughing through surgery

Surgery was fine and I did laugh on the operating table.

Laughter was because I was discussing pain killers with the surgeon.

Me: So last time I was in so much pain the first night post-op.

Surgeon: Yeah.

Me: I think I break down the painkillers real fast (wanted to add personal histories of being really fast in breaking down alcohol too, but somehow felt too private telling him my teenage drinking stories)

Surgeon: Aha.

Me: So can I take the pain killers with lesser time in between?

Surgeon: Sure, or you can up the dosage.

Me: Really?

Surgeon: Yup. Up it. You might feel queasy though. It's really up to you. You get to choose between puke and pain. Take your pick.

Me: Ha ha. Easy.  Bye bye pain. But how about this liver of mine?

Surgeon: Your liver will be fine.

Me: Thanks.

Surgeon: Excuse me, I just have to saw a little more. Through your toe.

Me: Do what you have to do.