Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Nike

Dear Nike, I'm a loyal customer. I run in your shoes, walk in your shoes, feel sympathetic with your brand. The cold season is approaching fast. I was thinking I should get a pair of Nike high tops so went to both Niketown and Nike Running to look for new shoes.

There were high tops, but ONLY HIGH HEELED ones.
When asked why there were no regular high tops, a female staff member looked sad and said "I don't know why, actually another customer asked the same thing earlier today".

At a different floor, I asked a male staff member.
He said you only carried high heeled high tops cause they're a lifestyle fashion choice.
Regular high tops,  I was told by your dedicated employee, are a specialty shoe for playing  basketball.

Seriously, does all your marketing research show that your female customers buy high tops to play basketball? In that case, someone or rather lots of people, are lying to you.

Please sell regular high tops in your stores. I'm a non-basketball playing adult who need to be able to move fast and not freeze. Call it my lifestyle if you want.
But don't give me the lone option of buying high heeled shoes under the caption "TO LIVE".
To me, it would make more sense if that store heading read "To struggle, to fall, to move at less than ideal speed."

Speaking on behalf of myself and at least that other woman customer at your store today.
-emi guner,