Sunday, October 6, 2013

New York this weekend

This city leaves you with one single phrase in your head: Never a dull moment.

Such a weird dish. Peanuts in vinegar? Why would you do that? Even more important - why would you serve it to innocent visitors? Do you really hate tourists THAT MUCH?

A friend who really knows me brought important fare. Marzipan is a food group.

I know this doesn't look too friendly but this is one of my kids' favorite spots in the world. That is actually one of my kids in the distance, on a bike. And me behind the camera thinking to myself "did he learn to use the breaks on his new bike yet? Soon, I'll find out".

I think this is a very harsh and scary way to get kids worried about stuff they're not usually worried about. And by kids I mean myself. Invisible nasties.
That's a very British way of encouraging dental hygiene paranoia is it not?