Sunday, October 6, 2013


Went to a birthday party this weekend but didn't drink that much because I thought the oil on the table was honey and so poured it into my chilled vodka and thus sat through dinner with an oily vodka. People, there are good reasons you've never tried this drink. The very nice man who sat next to me offered to try it and said - which proves he was a very nice and optimistic man "You know it's not bad. You don't really reach the oil - it's elusive in nature compared to the vodka so when you tip the glass the oil shies away."

Later on, he had meat and I asked him what kind of meat he was eating -  like what body part was in his dish. He  happily offered his guess: "I think every single one of them".

Post my vodka gaffe I thought the contents of large carafes on tables was ready-blended vodka cranberry so had a few of glasses of that and then realized it was just juice. 

Was so behind the rest of the party by the end of my peculiar drinking behavior that I felt like we were traveling on different trains heading into the night and so just had a few beers and left it at that. 

Then, while I was happy to just reunite with a bunch of friends who'd flown in from Stockholm for this party, was told that months, perhaps even a year ago I had made a favorable impression on two people I really like but barely know. They said "now let's meet your husband too" and so the four of us were suddenly out together talking on the street and because I felt a little like I was on audition and had forgotten my part. 

All in all though, great party and most important: the birthday person himself seemed so happy, basking in love. 

Then today had such a great day. It rained a little and fall was in the air  or even more - fall was so palpable it didn't feel like you could just breathe it in but eat it.