Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Listen, children.

This weekend, I went to a party where I met many nice and interesting people. I also met one individual who was certainly not nice and only because of that fact seemed interesting. He kept telling me that the questions I asked him were "banal", "uninspiring" and simply "boring". He also implied that since I work in writing I should know how to ask better questions. My questions may well have been banal but the replies they yielded still revealed a lot about his person.  He seemed intelligent, sad and lonely - not really surprising if this behavior was his regular pattern.

Children, mine and others, don't do this don't. If you meet someone who just puts you down: walk away. I woke up feeling I'd wasted a good part of the evening hurting myself, gaining exactly nothing for it but a lowered self-esteem. There are enough nice, sympathetic people out there for you to spend time with instead of wasting it on people who think you're not up to their own standard.

Ps. The odd thing is that I didn't even dislike him, just disliked his ways. Felt like elementary school all over again.