Thursday, April 24, 2014

Which painting would you like to have at home?

I've been thinking so much about Cornelius Gurlitt and the Nazi looted art trove. How he kept to himself in his apartment and rarely ventured out, doing so only when absolutely needed. How he felt his arrest was unjustified, that he deserved to have the paintings, etchings and sketches at home cause who could love them more than he did? One writer described Gurlitt's life as a Gollum-like existence, which rings true - How the love for what does not righty belong to you in the end does you in and ruins you.

The two paintings I would most like to have at home are

Madonna at the fountain by Van Eyck.


Lucrezia Borgia by Dosso Dossi (neither subject nor painter is 100% verified in this case, but I don't mind).

And a Memling or van der Weyden or so.

Which would you go for?

Which paintings or other works of art would turn you into Gollum?