Friday, April 25, 2014

Constant pressure

The other day I was with my kids at the local zoo in Stockholm.
While sitting on a bench, talking to my mom, I saw a goose walk around.

And this went through my head:
That goose doesn't know if she's fat or slim, if she's in good shape for a goose, if she's in the shape or her life, average or really needs to step it up. Would that goose look different if she went on a diet or tried a goose fitness program? What's the ideal goose for a goose? She's just a goose, living her life.

This is what daily daily daily reminders of staying in shape does to a brain. I wish my children didn't have to deal with this. I hope they'll go free, I wish them a goosier existence than I've had. I've fought it daily but you have to be so strong to whip the words out of your head and just live your darn life free of body image nagging.


Ps. Yes, I know those are wild boars (or really oxymoronically: kept wild boars) but the same goes for them. You think that mama boar gives a shit about building a better but? I think not. Let's be swines.