Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brooklyn - Spoiler alert

If you haven't seen the movie Brooklyn and want to see it knowing nothing about it , quit reading here.

So my plane was cancelled and I was offerred a new flight two days later. With all this new time on our hands, I could go to the movies to see Brooklyn with Anders.

The movie is largely about a woman who leaves her husband behind in Brooklyn while she travels to her native European country to be with the family she was born into and how she feels torn between the two countries.

Could relate.

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  1. I saw the trailer for this film recently at the cinema with my friend and we looked at each other knowingly. We are both expats from Northern Europe with young families here in New Zealand. Our Parents are also back home and now in their 70s. I am unable to say more with less on this subject. Being a sensitive analytical type I found moving away from a place you know so intimately and from family and friends you love dearly can be very discombobulating. Moving here has been both liberating and distressing.


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