Sunday, December 20, 2015

Less than two weeks left

Today, it's less than two weeks before the whole fam goes back to Sweden, Niki and I not to return to NYC for who knows how long.

It's an impossible situation.
I'm not functioning too well. I keep forgetting things, double booking etc.

So if you know me and think I'm acting weird, you're right.
Eventually, I'll be ok. But not right now. So bear with me.


  1. Are you running right now?

  2. no, but am taking long long walks. might take up running.

  3. your running stories and training tips a few years back, inspired me to take up running during a deeply stressful period in my life. Although I never got past the first walking stage, I would take early daily walks (with the intention to progress to running!)around the hills in Snowdonia where I then lived and I loved it!. I have kept up the habit ever since thanks to you. Sending love now from New Zealand, Ali

  4. you sharing this made my day. have been googling snowdonia and imagined you walking around there.

    feels great to have a friend in new zealand!


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