Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Did you see any of these movies?

  • about elly
  • I am taraneh
  • half moon
  • the iris apfel movie
  • the vivian mayer movie
  • the yves saint laurent movie
  • dior and I

which one do you recommend? also happy for other suggestions.


  1. Loved the Dior and I movie; Enjoyed Vivian Mayer; Haven't seen the others.

    Not a movie, but really enjoyed Master of None on Netflix.

  2. all you need is iris apfel and viven maier and you will be so happy. ESPECIALLY IRIS.

    1. thanks! many long plane rides coming up

    2. thanks! many long plane rides coming up

  3. I have only seen Dior and I on this list. I went with a friend who needed wisking away from difficulties for a few hours. It was superb! Relates to any intense creative project you may have experienced yourself. It did for me and I'm a potter. It did for my friend and she is a Botanist!

  4. I haven't been to the cinema since my first child was born. Almost, ahem, six years ago. Is that sad or what? But on the rare occasions I go out with my husband or with a friend, I prefer to talk over a nice meal rather than watch a movie (and fall asleep within 15 minutes...). This is really not an answer to your question but you'll forgive me, I'm sure. :))

  5. Only seen Iris, but loved it!


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