Saturday, April 30, 2016

chasing ferrante

I have trouble respecting the fact that Elena Ferrante wants to remain anonymous.

Wanting to put a face to the voice is an itch.

I'm not the respectful person I'd like to be.

I'm googling googling googling and now I've found the person that fits my take on the author.

Only trouble is my Elena is a few years younger than the Elena of the books.

I don't think she'd tweak her age in the books, they're too authentic in feel.

Instead, I tried to persuade myself that my ideal Elena perhaps tweaked her date of birth on her professional C.V because "women sometimes lie about their age".

steeping very low in this endeavor.

ps. also love this Elena quote on her potential male identity:

And, if there’s no author photo of a woman then the game is up: it’s clear, in that case, that we are dealing with a man or an entire team of virile male enthusiasts of the art of writing.