Monday, April 11, 2016

posted this 2 years ago, feel it's still true so re-posting it

Bounce back after baby

The pressure to get back in shape should be off mothers of the newborn. The mother is newborn too.

When you've just had a baby, had your body and mind experience something it's never been through before, are more vulnerable than ever, are about to see how your relationship with your significant other goes on a roller coaster, sleep less, experience what hormones can do to mind and temper, experience every sound and sight impression just like a newborn and might or might not be totally in love with a new person. 

Both full on love and waiting to connect can be very taxing. In cases when you're not in love with your baby just yet, wait and see, it will happen, don't panic. How many people would you fall in love with if they were just screaming at you while taking all of your time, never thank you and then fall asleep? Around 2 months though, they start connecting and for many of us, it's a love like no other. But it's a lot happening in those first months and the mother's figure shouldn't have to count among her top concerns.

I say fuck the bounce back-craze. Take your time, and your child's. Revel in this new stage. If you want to get back to  the shape you had before baby, you can do it later. But in just weeks or months after baby, focus on what's important. 

Adjusting to this new life. Walking with stroller (or even alone - on your wonderful own while giving the other parent/friend/family member a chance to bond too without your distracting presence) is wonderful. So is dancing at home with and without baby. But to frantically get back in shape?