Friday, April 15, 2016


I got married once and I loved it. It was a very low-budget affair. 
Since I married a man I had already lived together with for 10 years and had 3 kids with, I thought : I'll just go with what I already have. Do my own hair and make. Wear a fave dress I've also had for years. Use my earrings for wedding bands. You know, like people do. 
Oh they don't?
Well, it was all great and I felt like myself and I was very very happy.

I've never really had the "princess for a day"-dream. I'm more of an Empress every day-person.  Though I don't really dress like one, but that's another thing.

BUT! Sometimes I feel like getting married again and if so would say a resounding YES to this DRESS:

This is also really working for me.
I want to spend the rest of my life together with this dress and I might. 

And this. I'll wear this as I walk around NYC, Gotland, Italy and Stockholm, spreading word about books, music and love. "Who is that?" people will ask. Oh it's just Emi Guner and that's just one of her MANY fabulous dresses. 

Ps. These dresses are all from Christy Dawn's eponymous line. She designs dresses that are all made from deadstock fabric - putting no additional stress on the environment. Only stress produced is the intense gotta have it-explosions in individuals like myself. 

PS 2. If I ever divorce, my next husband will be this dress: