Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 - looking back

So 2011 was a shitty year. I look back on it like a terrible relationship. But just like you would after ending a crap romance, I find myself going "but we had some great times too".

Highlights of 2011

Going to Florence and Rome to see an amazing exhibition.

Then went to Tenerife with the family and it was warm and I've never seen the kids happier. They still talk about it.

Annika's 40th birthday party!

Lisas 40th birthday party!

Brita & Kalle's wedding!

Sarah & Jonas wedding!


Christina's 40th birthday party!

Mark & Karina's wedding!

Sofia singing at said wedding. In church, one of my own life's most perfect moments and I imagine it was even more blissful for the wedding couple!

Researching and writing an article for Swedish Elle. Finding Pilates through that article.

My friends hosting a surprise dinner for me because of 40th b-day!

Celebrating 10 years as a mother of world's best kids by going to Paris with the oldest one!

Lisa & Calle's halloween party!

Getting Sara and family back!

Having Petra visit us in Sweden!

Every run I've taken even when I didn't feel like it that made me feel so great afterwards.

Meeting up with my old band!

One of the best nights out with Anders we've ever had. December 16th!

Watching Elf with Anders and the kids. Such a small thing, still remembered as one of the best things of 2011.

ps. why is reading about people's happy moments so boring? These were my best times, still even I feel like yawning when reading through them. I don't understand the weirdness about happiness.