Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Honestly, from one end consumer

I hated 2011 and in the midst of misery, did what many women (and some men) do when down - I thought perhaps luxury could help lift me out of the pain.

I'd aged rapidly from all the sorrow and thought this was the one time in life when La Mer could be justified.

So bought the expensive cream and used it and liked it.

But now, when I'm using Revitalift for a fraction of the cost, I honestly couldn't say La Mer was any better, for me.

I'd be interested to read a little pamphlet called "why I bought La Mer". Am pretty sure it would contain many many a sad story. There are many ways to find solace, if an expensive facial cream works for you, go for it. But if you can't afford it, don't cry, use a cheap alternative.

More reliable counter grief aid was found in running, pilates, friends and family. La Mer/Elizabeth Arden perhaps we'll meet again, but hope there will be no reason to.

Ps. Isn't the jar really ugly too, considering it should be such a premium product?

Ps 2. Think perhaps bought the jar because my dyslexic subconscious read it phonetically as MOMMY.