Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Proof of time travel

My favorite daydream is time travel. My favorite superhero ability is also being able to travel through time. I keep looking for ways, signs, methods of doing the impossible.

So far, the most convincing proof of time travel I've found is Jan van Eyck's painting. How could he do this? Don't you think he traveled from a different place in time, sneaking in a camera? Zoom in on those slippers, on everything. How did he do this?

Every time I see a van Eyck, I think to myself "I love you Jan".

Ps. The same applies to Holbein, just switch Jan for Hans. Janne och Hasse, ni äger.

Ps 2. Yes, the Madonna at the fountain in post below is also by JvE. JAN VAN EYCK.
I like to think that he painted it outdoors, with the beautiful textile background mounted just so. Perhaps not supported by angels though. But who knows.