Monday, January 30, 2012

best foundation?

I'm asking you! I have very thin skin. You can see the veins under my skin like violet and red highways. My skin gets red and blotchy. I need some magic foundation that takes away the highways and blotchiness but steers clear from the "I'm introducing BEIGE as new KABUKI"-color crisis.

What body part IS THAT? IS IT MY NECK?
I've never seen such an image on the internets.
you're welcome!

ps. Yes, putting needles where they belong is EASY.


  1. Have you tried Laura mercier tinted moisturizer?
    It doesn't go on cakey, but you can definitely layer it.

  2. I'm into mineral powder. You get a good cover, but never cakey. Mineral Glopressed base is excellent. Or the one by Laura Mercier.

  3. I also have "translucent" skin and some redness in my face. I like tinted moisturizer- the cheap brands I've tried have worked fairly well. Usually I mix it with a bit of plain face moisturizer but if my skin is having a really bad day I use it straight up. Come to think of it, you could likely achieve similar results mixing some regular foundation with face moisturizer...

  4. Armani. And ask for samples so you can try in daylight and not in NK:s light, because it's not at all the same, no matter what they are telling you.

  5. I like Bobbi Brown. Pricey, but worth it in my opinion. I admire the before and after effect I get from it early in the morning. It that the inside of your underarm?


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