Monday, February 13, 2012


If you've read this blog or my previous blog, you know I have a huge problem with my feet. My feet are as wide are they're long and on top of that, I've got bunions. The feet hurt a little, but basically the main trouble is I have hobbit feet in a world of lean footed humans. Buying/wearing footwear is a nightmare.

Now I've seen a doctor and might have surgery. Though I'm a bit weary since I love the running and walking of my everyday life and whenever I do get surgery I'll have to rest for 6 weeks (each foot). So I keep putting it off. But when I see Rosario Dawson skip around in her little booties, I feel it might be essential to have the surgery.

The brain is such a fucked up construction.
1. I see Rosario Dawson.
2. I think (like I'm sure everyone does) that it is imperative to look more like Rosario Dawson.
3. Brain delivers solution: have foot surgery.

4. Brain, you're fired.


  1. you are so right Emi :)

  2. This is so sad too. I have giant feet and I always curse shoemakers for not making cute shoes in my size. But I guess that's better, blaming the makers of the shoes. Because I sure don't think surgery sounds good!

  3. My experience and two cents:

    I had hallux valgus surgery (my worst foot) a few years ago, and even though it was quite painful for a few days after the drugs wore off, I had a full and speedy recovery. And after that none of the problems with shoes and pain that I used to have almost every day before the surgery.

    If/when it gets as bad with my other foot, I won't hesitate a second to get that one done, too!

  4. A bunion or hallux valgus Surgery is a swelling on the inner border of the foot affecting the base of big toe.


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