Friday, February 3, 2012


It's cold in Stockholm. It's crazy beautiful. I love winter, when it's winter. When it's snowy, crisp, frozen.

I was happy.
Strindberg was cold.

And many people had this expression on their faces because of the -13 temperature this morning.
So beautiful. I love my city. Love it.

But my kids are all saying we should find warmth. So went to travel agent, where catalogs featuring my own family pushed me over the edge to book a trip.
We'll see how that goes.


  1. shouldn't your catalogue modeling at least mean a free trip? and i hear you on winter: I LOVE IT. this one, here in new york, has been a big disappointment.

  2. we did get a free trip! the trip to mallorca! and money! I don't know if we'll go. we might just go skiing in Sweden.

  3. did i miss something? is that anders? Go to Mallorca. Sun is pretty great too. I like winter, and i much prefer winter clothes, but I'm always amazed by what a bit of clement sunshine will do for everybody's mood.

  4. I just looked again. Anders and you! Cheesily gorgeous!


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