Monday, February 20, 2012

What I loved about the Rome trip

Street art: the only way is up.

What I loved about Rome: Basically, everything.

From the mild February weather with lots of sun that we enjoyed in the Villa Borghese park, to the wonderful paintings from Villa Livia at the Museo Massimo to the food to the many cappuccinos to our excursion to Mussolini's insane Foro Italico,
(I'm running in my long johns here, hoping it makes Mussolini spin in his grave to find a short middle aged woman running in her thermal underwear at his beloved stadium).
(Anders saw this and wondered "is that a turd?". But that is no fascist turd, that's just the firm bottomed man's gloves.)

But most of all, I loved hanging out with my brother. Get yourself a brother.
When life brings you lemons, get a brother.