Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Are you employed? Do you go to work?
What's your workday like?
I'll serve up a regular day for me on Thursday or Friday, have not yet decided which one of the two should be an irregular day yet.

That's me up there during a regular workday, working from a cafe right next to my office cause I really needed a change of scenery.

I've been so stressed lately, a feeling I haven't had since I quit my day job back in the 90's. To fight it, I have to drink decaf, which feels undignified but wise. Also run as part of stress management which seems to be working really well. I run with Frank Ocean. He calms me down. When he sings Lost, I feel we're in it together.

Please tell me, Even if it's just "I work in a bank" or "I hate my job".


  1. My job is as a Web Developer. I'm a kiwi, but at the moment I work in Sydney, sitting next to a Swede called Henrik. We work with a Swedish CMS called EPiServer and we read Swedish Word of the Day every afternoon. I like my job, it can be hard but I learn something every day. My dream is to run my own company making sewing patterns.

  2. I am a Swedish IT consultant, living the glamorous life of helping Ericsson build base stations and trying to balance my greed again my passion for the craft.

    My days are currently fairly 9-5 (well, 8-6 really) but I have a dark past at a university and sometimes miss the days of freedom.

  3. My job is to take care of people's feet. Usually I work between 7-4. It's my duty to tell people why they can't wear heels without getting footpain, and sometimes I give away really ugly shoes to people with extremely bad feet. Then I make very comfy insoles.

    I like my job and my colleagues are great! Sometimes it's very stressful and people can act rude and ignorant. But most of the times people are great and if I'm lucky they give away chocolate!

    P.S. When I'm stressed I can't decide between red wine or running. Usually I turn to both.

  4. I'm in law school and just spent the summer as an associate for a civil rights and employment litigation firm. Sometimes the actual day to day work can be a pain, but overall it's rewarding to work for a person who has been wronged. I also had the most amazing boss who'd share stories about blasting Public Enemy in the office.

  5. I'm a lawyer working in the financial industry. I work 3 days a week, the rest of the week I'm at home with my daughter (and soon another baby!). I'm head of my team and share this position with another woman. It's a great solution seeing we can discuss tricky questions/decisions and hand over unfinished work at the end of our respective work week. Of course, there are annoying things about my job, but generally, I love going to work. I love that I can have both time at work and with my kid every week. Usually, I get in quite early at around 7 or 7.30 and leave early, too to pick up our daughter from daycare.

  6. wow! I love all your replies! keep them coming!
    I love love love hearing about your lives.

  7. I'm a second year medical student. I go to school 9-5 and spend my days looking at bodies, dead and alive, and pictures of bodies.

    I'd like to eventually be a family doctor, specialising in women's health/breastfeeding. This country (Ireland) has woeful breastfeeding rates and terrible support for breastfeeding mothers.

    Luckily my university has a lovely pumping room that I can us, and a creche on campus where my ten month old daughter spends her days licking dolls.

    In the summers/holidays/spare minutes I run a copywriting/editing/proofreading business.

  8. I'm another lawyer (there seems to be quite a few of us eager to comment on this post). I work in the public sector, so for being a lawyer my working hours are extremely reasonable. However, I do travel every now and then which means time spent away from my family. As for the actual work I do, I spend a lot of time in meetings but usually it's fairly interesting. Still, one part of me thinks I should have been Karen Blixen instead (minus the STDs) :). Love your blog.

  9. Oh Emi, if you had married Chank you would not have these problems.
    Just kidding.
    I work. I don't like it. I would rather hunt and gather, I feel I would be more successful at that.
    I better get back to my job, I am blowing off my duties to write this.
    -a guy you probably don't remember.

  10. Hi :) I work in environmental affairs at a large manufacturer of IT equipment. I REALLY enjoy my work, and am so grateful to do something that I truly believe in and get payed for at the same time (how cool is that?). I probably work many more hours than I get payed but my schedule is flexible, so sometimes I do e-mails at 10 pm but I can go to yoga or run at 2 pm if I don't have meetings. I realize I don't mind some overtime as long as my schedule is kind of flexible. And of course there are days that are tough and very stressful, but overall I love what I do. Thanks for your blog, it is one of my very favorite reads :)

  11. I work for the United Nations in the south Pacific. My days are divided between 8am-6pm in the office when I'm in town (writing things, editing other things, chasing after administrative stuff, etc), and travelling to various islands (to do interviews, run workshops, train new colleagues etc). I mostly love it (when the admin is not giving me the pip!).


  12. Hi Emi
    I finished a degree and then felt like I only knew one side of what is to know in the world so I started another one. I support myself which means that I work min. 2 jobs but maybe they will be 3 soon...

    I am protective of my free time and love to use it for sports (I am a runner like you), especially trying out new stuff. This year I took up kickboxing and tennis. But I digress.

    Thanks to one of my jobs being online I only have two days a week where I have to go to an office. The rest of my time is split up between sports (in the morning or evening) and learning new stuff and relaxing. All of the above (except for the sports) is done on a couch...

    What I dislike most about working in an office is that it tempts you to not eat well (unless you have a kitchen there). What I like most about it are my coworkers.

  13. Hi! I recently graduated from law school but my life crisis finally reached its highest point and I'm convinced I will be miserable if I start working as a lawyer. Looking for all kinds of jobs. Have a part time job at an entertainment magazine and I guess writing's what I want to do.

    I haven't had any typical days since my summer job ended two weeks ago and I've been traveling since. However, in the future I guess I will spend the days (say, 10-18) at the library looking for jobs. Right now, the only thing that scares me more than having a job is not having a job.

  14. I work in legal and engineering as a patent engineer. I love my job. I have to stay anonymous because of where I work.

  15. I'm an 8th grade math teacher in California. It is challenging and frustrating at the same time. I love it. ^_^

  16. Keep it coming! So grateful for every reply, I love reading about your lives!!!

  17. I'm on maternity leave dreading and longing to go back to work in a couple of weeks. Love my colleagues, but considering leaving my small-town advertising job. Unfortunately, I feel unappreciated, stupid etc. (which I know I'm not but, when you aren't listened to, eventually you start to doubt yourself).
    Guess I haven't hit bottom yet, as when I do, I know I will just quit and that something else will open up. Dream of going freelance. Surprised to feel like this, having survived agency life abroad.... that was hard work, but at least you were rewarded.
    I am hopeful though for the future. I'm just waiting for "bägaren att rinna över" :-)

  18. I study literature at uni, but during the summer (every summer) I work in a nursing home (on your island!). Some people will scream at you and some men will ask you to wash their penises extra carefully in the shower, but most of them are very grateful and appreciative of what we do. Mostly it's the spouses and relatives that are hard work. To spend my days helping others to a more meaningful life makes me feel good.

  19. 7:30 - alarmclock
    8:00 - cat walks over my face so I finally get up, feed it &shower
    8:30 - bike 25min to work across town (and up a hill that makes me get to work sweaty but awake)
    9-6 - work for an artist compositing his pictures into AfterEffects for an animated oil-on-glass movie (this is a summer job, I study animation) He's great, friendly and open but also looking out for deadlines and the big picture. I'm happy I can help him with what knowledge I've accumulated over time, with something I'd never be doing myself!
    6:00 - bike back home, in summer this is the best temperature. I love this city, the atmosphere and all the places&people I've found in it...

    Working on someone else's project is fun, as I love to get the best out of something pre-existing. I do miss drawing and animating my own projects though. However, for this work, I actually get paid :P

    Looking forward to sneaking back for your next blog entry! x

  20. I totally hate my job and lately because I hate it I've been slacking... Which is making it worse because now I hate my job and the work piling up is giving me anxiety.

  21. Your blog is one of the most profound that I know. Thank you for doing it every day.

    I am a self-employed architect in New York and spend a good bit of time mothering as well. I love having my own business, but I do miss the camaraderie of having colleagues. One day I want to have my own little office here in Brooklyn, a window filled space that I could share with other designers.

  22. I am soon-to-be employed telling people how to fix their soil so their plants will be happy. I start in three weeks! I am in California and will soon be working 8-5 (I think).

  23. I am an archivist in Canada, working two part-time jobs that keeps me busy five days a week. I like the work generally, but I'm underemployed in my current positions and would love to be working somewhere full time with more challenges and responsibilities. But there's very little stress, so I guess that's good (but often very boring). Luckily there's a fair amount of stress in my personal life, ha ha!

  24. I technically for for an online marketing agency in the USA. Really, I spend my days trying to keep costs down (bottom line! bottom line!) but also making sure my team is happy (i.e. not too stressed by the extra work I give them in an effort to do more with less). Lately I feel as though I cannot possibly do both at the same time. Such is life in middle management.


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