Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to be a woman

So yesterday, I had plans on going to see/listen to Caitlin Moran talk about her book. But life came in between. Yesterday's being a woman prevented me from learning more about How to be a woman.

Instead, I went to work.


Helped daughter with homework and tried to refrain from telling her that most grown-ups simply refer to their built in calculators in their phones and who knows about the future, will there be math? Will there even be math in the aftermath? Succeeded in refraining. Realized I really really suck at math. She's already better than me and she's not even 11.

Worked some more.  Talked to Anders. Saw parts of a tv-show focusing on the films Ingmar Bergman supposedly watched (surprise alert: Crocodile Dundee).

Fell asleep.

So much for the glitzy life this week, which is STOCKHOLM FASHION WEEK.

I am fashion. Only I know this.

This is for you. Trying to look pretty and posting pretty pics on your blog is so 2005. We've moved on, people. Say we've moved on.

Do you find it tricky to comment on this blog? If it really is tricky, then you might not even be able to tell me!

I'll try to change the settings, but have recently been told by people I*VE MET IN THE FLESH that commenting is sometimes tricky/impossible here.