Friday, August 17, 2012


Ok, here's a regular day for me.
First, wake everyone up. Niki...she doesn't like mornings. She's seen here with her dress just over her shoulders as she refuses to put it on. She's listening to her favorite songs. She bosses us around and screams at everybody to shut up. Anders is seen here negotiating a breakfast deal with a person  he and I sometimes mumbling refer to as "the dictator". 

After breakfast, took Joel to a check-up. And filled up on gas. This is not regular stuff for me, but I'm working on it.

At the gas station, you could choose between different car air fresheners.

Options varied from "new car", "paradise" to more tangible fragrances such as "green apples". Fantasized about rubbing these weird creatures against my neck to use them like perfume. Am I the "new car"-fragrance type?

Then parked and took the subway to work. My son and mother took the same subway but decided to go check out baby alligators instead. They don't have to go work. Mom and Joel neither.

On my way to meeting, stopped by Lima to buy lunch.

They had really nice tea bags.

 Had the day's first meeting, with Mattias and Samira. We're talking about Hall of Femmes. 

I love Samira's tattoo.

Maina works in the same office. It was great to see her and her bird necklace.
Then tried on some expensive stuff at ACNE.

I'm thinking the baked potato look isn't too bad for fall.

ACNE decorate with hair.

Walked to my next meeting.

There are still a few smokers in Sweden. But they're almost extinct.

At the meeting, they all wanted a piece of me. Perhaps they wanted to sell my hair to ACNE?

These people are a pleasure to work with.

After meeting - back to my own office to work.

Time for third meeting  - with Karin. 

Subway home.

Picked up rascals.

Walked them home...

But stopped for play at playground.

Cooked and served dinner.

Encouraged home gymnastics initiative.

Went for a run to return DVDs.

And pick up book parcel,

Meanwhile, Anders had prepared dinner for me. 

Runners' reward with what we Europeans refer to as an "American smile" . 

Runners' reward with what we Europeans refer to as a "European smile" . 

Big kids liked contents of book parcel.
As did the littlest one.

Laundry. Then lost phone somewhere so couldn't document
rest of evening which included sorting and folding laundry
and watching that new Soorkin show where everyone talked like noone I know.  


  1. I enjoyed that! What a busy day. Love the blog and your sense of humour...

  2. Whew, I'm exhausted after reading that. I noticed you never went to the bathroom or bathed.

  3. showered prior to eating and sorting laundry. as for the bathroom business you're right - no time for such banal activities. I use <stadium gal because it:

    Eliminates frequent trips to restrooms
    Immediate access
    Easy and safe to use
    Totally discrete, completely hidden beneath loose fitting jeans
    or pants (Use your best judgement)
    Allows user to enjoy event

  4. I feel consoled that there are other people with toddlers screaming at them in the morning. We had "issues" this morning regarding a bottle of milk (promptly delivered by obedient father), whether or not wild hair needed combing (we did comb it after applying a big dose of combing spray smelling not unlike the car freshener thiniges must have), the deep gash (again...) on the knee needed a plaster (I had to use sheer force there) etc. It's not even 9 and I achieved quite a lot, I think. :)


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