Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anders is off to New York.

Kids asleep. Now it's just me, the MacBookAir, some wine and matzos. Not complaining, just so uninterested in food lately. One of my best friends quit her very successful advertising careers (the wine  is doing spelling and grammar now) to be able to spend more time with food, thinking about food, dreaming about food, cooking food, hosting a tv-show about food, writing about food, laughing about food, being concerned about food etc ad infinitum.

How can two close friends be so different? I'm happy and grateful to have food but that's about it. My friend also hates to write but loves to have written. I'm the complete opposite. Writing, I'm in a daze, surfing the waves of words (what a cheesy metaphor (to put food to use beyond the plate)).

Ps. Weirdly - am fairly interested in cookbooks? But that's because I use cookbooks to fantasize about fantastic meals with entertaining, interesting people in wonderful places. All those everyday lunches and dinners...I do enjoy them but thinking about them beforehand? Not so much. Here's a very nice cookbook. I met up with Rachel the other day, such a sympathetic person.

Ps 2. Any readers in Bordeaux?