Tuesday, January 8, 2013


PLEASE HELP! Do you know any contemporary illustrators who evoke the same kind of style as Louis Darling?


jenny said...

RAMONA!!! Maria Hergueta--she's Spanish and is great. http://www.nerillustrationagency.com/maria-hergueta/ Our former babysitter--lives in Barcelona.

Alinax said...

Hi! I would recommend Annabella Orosz. She is Hungarian-Romanian and lives in Bucharest, Romania. Her work and contact are on this website. http://www.annabellaorosz.ro/
I hope you'll find her work on the topic and I'm sure she can work towards that style if needed. Best, Alina

Anonymous said...

This is a friend of mine in Chicago. Her and her husband are incredible artists and very whitty. I think you will enjoy this!

robin said...

emi - do you know this site?

lots of great stuff.

emi guner said...

thank you for all your helpful advice! if you know any more, keep it coming! grateful greetings