Monday, January 7, 2013

Swedish words of the day

Today I'd like to share two great words that you don't seem to have in your otherwise extensive English language.

1. Sjusovare 

translates to "Seven sleeper" - one who sleeps til 7am. A very tardy, tired, lazy person.

The exaggerated ridicule of someone who sleeps til 7 doesn't make sense anymore, but in the days before electric light, people couldn't afford to let the daylight slip away while they themselves slept. Sjusovare is still used quite a lot though few people besides kids stop to think about the actual meaning of the term.

2. Lillgammal. 
translates to "Little old". Someone who is too grown-up for his or her age. You say precocious, don't you? I was a lillgammal child. I read poetry and liked to be by myself. My vision of hell was a place where you'd have to play horse and take interest in cliques. I was little old. I still am, only now, the rest have caught up and in some cases have matured beyond even our age. No rush.