Sunday, January 20, 2013

What people magazine calls "A killer body"

"We don't know where the actress has been hiding lately, but our guess is the gym based on her killer figure, which she displays in this black halter mini at the Hugo by Hugo Boss show in Berlin."

The glorification of extreme thinness must stop. Some people are naturally thin, but hello vast majority, this is not a way you can look and maintain your overall health.

Thinking back, I wish every image of an adult woman with a BMI equivalent to Renée's in this picture had come with an alert stating: Caution, vast majority, this is not a way you can look and maintain your overall health.


  1. And who really thinks this is a killer body? Most men? Don't think so...Women should think about who they are really trying to please when they use these images as personal goals for themselves.

    To be fair to Rene, she's a beautiful woman, but she works in an industry that demands she is considerably lighter than her 'natural' weight.

  2. Her bones are sticking out! Somehow I just can't find someone attractive when they look like they're about to die of starvation...

  3. Emaciated and sinewy. That is what I think when I look at this picture. She actually looks really gross.

  4. my goodness she could open cans with those shoulder bones.

  5. I really don't like the tone in some of these comments.
    "She actually looks really gross" thats no way to talk about another human being. The ideal image of a woman is really gross not the real woman even though she is way to skinny.


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