Monday, January 14, 2013

Från och med nu ibland ditt sällskap i kollektivtrafiken

Har börjat skriva för Metro: (Jag blev avgiftad – för 145 kronor )
Anders kollade de andra krönikörerna och sa "du ligger där någonstans mellan Pascalidou och Greider". Kändes plötsligt som en total summering av hela min identitet - idémässigt, politiskt, utseendemässigt. Vardagsromantiken -he really gets me.

Ps. Så här ser den ut (Amish-phonen, inte vardagsromantiken):


  1. I was so excited to see your article, congrats! Usually I wonder, "who are these people?" but not today. Also, I have the same Amish phone as you, and I love it. Changing the date is nice, but personally I use it to write memos to myself. Or as a kitchen timer- it has SO MANY FUNCTIONS.

  2. HELEN! Don't you just love the practical approach of our phone? I've recently discovered its panache for converting European standards into US equivalents and vice versa. It's so helpful and friendly, just not flashy at all.

    Are you Swedish or Anglo?

    curious greetings-e

  3. It is so practical! When you drop it and it falls apart, you can just snap it back together. I am a recently-transplanted Anglo trying hard to be Swedish, hence reading all of Metro every day. I've also been reading LFTEC for a long time to get insider tips on being more Swedish, or at least more awesome.

  4. Helen, feel free to mail me regarding any particular Swedish concern. Also have a question for you!


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