Monday, May 26, 2014



  1. i share your frustration.. went to vote yesterday and was so proud to have the opportunity to vote in a European election, along with friends from France, Finland, Italy, who live in my city in Germany, and who went to their respective embassies to vote. Isn't that cool? We are from different countries, but have this vote in common.
    I think people forget the deeper meaning of the EU, and take peace for granted. not that I agree with everything in the EU, quite the opposite, but it is sad to see that voters fall for populists, instead of standing up for much needed reforms

  2. This was very disappointing; have seen the dismay from friends abroad who voted.

    The US is often seen as a monolith, walking in step from the outside , but its much like 50 separate countries in actuality. So I can see the same issues with the EU.


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