Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New to New York - drivers vs pedestrians

Crossing streets here is a life/death reality. All drivers seemingly hate pedestrians and wish to run over them. There's no love for the people who walk here. No yielding to walkers.

A lady for real leaned out of her cars screaming and cussing at me when crossing a street with my kids. Perhaps her brakes were out of order just like her judgement.

I hate drivers here. Hate them. Especially the honkers.
Recently read that NYC is looking to Sweden to lower traffic fatalities.

It's not hard, NYC drivers, this is what you have to do: use brakes, consider pedestrians people, show the same courtesy people on the subway show each other (Stockholm, you could really look to NYC here).

Every time I have an encounter with an aggressive driver (every day) I think "He hates these pedestrians" in exactly the same way Steve Martin says "He hates these cans" in The Jerk.