Friday, May 30, 2014

YES! Reader questions from Cathleen!

Name a book you read a while ago but still think about. (technically an order, not a question.)

Do Ikea product names mean something if you understand Swedish or are they gibberish?

They're Swedish words and so do mean something to us. Though they're often mysteriously matched with each product, granting them a poetic weirdness that I like. 

What's something you learned in school that's still useful today? (for me it's touch typing).
English. And I remember my fifth grade teacher saying "If you just memorize something and put it down word by word without being able to put it into your own words, it's plagiarism". A bit harsh for fifth graders who are just trying to get by (also, memorization came so wonderfully easy to me) but perhaps it's saved me from law suits. 

What's the last thing you cooked?

Yesterday morning, lunch for the kids. It's weird making pesto-pasta with broccoli and sausage and all kinds of snacks at 8 in the morning but I'm getting used to it. 

How was the Muppet's Swedish Chef dubbed in Sweden?

He didn't speak Swedish even in the American version so reason to dub it for Swedes. We couldn't make more sense of what he said than anyone else.  hördidördi!

Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?

Kimmel all the way. I love Kimmel. Have a soft spot for Fallon too, but mostly when he sings and dances. But Kimmel. Oh Kimmel. 

Have you ever gone outside to look for the Space Station as it passes over? It's just a bright dot going across the sky, but it's amazing to think about. (You can look up online when it'll be visible, or download an app.)

No haven't but the night confuses me these days (or nights). Aren't a few shining lights also satellites? Your idea is a great one though, I should try that.