Sunday, June 8, 2014

Case of the Mondays

Monday mornings, so stressed and loud. 

Short people begging to please let them sleep in. 

But by the time they  get to school,  it's like the intro of Love Actually but instead of people meeting, there are just goodbyes, but not teary since it will only be hours till we all see each other again (especially in NYC tomorrow, where public schools have a half-day- kids are let out at 11 or 12 depending on when they start in the morning). 

It never gets old watching all these little humans with their lunch bags and backpacks and pig tails and braids and untied tricky shoe laces and toothpaste stains (just not enough time to deal with that) and the little hands in the big hands. The show is on every weekday every morning all around the world.

I love it.