Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Childhood friendship

I ask Niki what her favorite word is. She says: Nora.
Nora's mom asked her kid the same. She said: Niki.

There was no coaching involved in the making of this moment.
I still have my childhood bestie. And yes, Sara is still one of my favorite words.

Petra is another favorite word. Have known her since I was 13.

Speaking of female friendship, am reading this.
Only started the other day, but it's interesting.


  1. That's adorable!

    I was looking for a posts you once wrote on the 3rd child - something really funny about them sitting underneath the table. Can I still find it? Under which category?


  2. I can't find it either, but I recommend having a third! can't imagine life without niki. How boring!

  3. found it, Honeybee!

    Are congratulations in order?

  4. Not to me - I honestly have to say that I find two are handful... ;)

    But I want to send this to a friend who expects the third and is somewhat surprised by her own courage! :D

    Thank you!!

  5. Wonderful book. Follow it with Dept of Speculation.


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